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False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser
False teeth Cleanser

False teeth Cleanser

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False teeth Cleanser


Main Features

    The effervescent process is a relatively advanced preparation process in the world. Due to the higher cost of effervescent infusion and more difficult production, there are not many products produced by effervescent technology at present. We focus on high-quality products, so we create.
    Rich in reactive oxygen species and effective bacteriostasis ingredients, it can quickly remove tartar and dental plaque, and effectively dissolve stubborn stains, making denture as clean as new.
    Deep cleaning, all-round antibacterial, no scratch, mild ingredients, no damage False teeth material, extend denture life.
    Kill bacteria propagates, including mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, and their spores, and most bacterial spores, soak, sterilize and clean.
    The cleaning process generates a large number of reactive oxygen species, fresh breath, deep cleaning false teeth.

Usage Scenarios

  • This product is suitable for the daily cleaning of false teeth.

Using Methods

  • 1. Put the denture-cleaning tablet into the water to fully dissolve, release the cleaning factor.
  • 2. Soak the denture in a cleaning solution for 3 to 5 minutes, Continuously and effectively eliminate bacteria indenture.
  • 3. Remove the denture and clean it with clean water.


  • Enzyme formula
  • BLUE
Product Weight
  • False teeth Cleanser(1 Pcs): 10G
  • False teeth Cleaning Box(Blue): 40G
Package Contents
    • TYPE A
    • False teeth Cleanser × 6
    • TYPE A + Blue box
    • False teeth Cleanser × 6
    • False teeth Cleaning Box(Blue) × 1
    • TYPE B
    • False teeth Cleanser × 30
    • TYPE B + Blue box
    • False teeth Cleanser × 30
    • False teeth Cleaning Box(Blue) × 1
Product Size


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