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The Best False Eyelashes For Beginners

Look Unbelievably Real
These in particular are a great, natural-looking option because each of the individual lashes varies in length-just like your natural lashes.
Quick Application
These false lashes are pre-glued that will make sure that they adhere instantly to your natural eyelashes for an easy and quick application!
Comfortable Wear
For those who have sensitive eyes, this self-adhesive lashes offer an awesome alternative.
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I noticed that even without makeup my students’ lashes looked amazing. I couldn’t help but stare and had to ask them what lashes they were wearing… they were all wearing these every day!”
Reusable & Affordable
Fits a variety of eye shapes
Vegan & Cruelty-Free
Lightweight look and feel
Easy to trim and apply
Great for those with sensitive eyes
How to Apply

1. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit.Trim thr outer end if required

2. Place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as posible and gently press down to secure

Pro Tips
Look down at makeup mirror(angled upwards)when applying lashes for a better view.Use an eyelash applicator for closer application.
You’ll look like you were born with the ideal, most perfectly curled lashes,and you look that way twenty-four hours a day!
Over 10,000
Five-Star Reviews
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AMPLIFY(Most Natural) / BOLD(Thicker Fiber) / CURL(Curly, Lift)
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Save 50%, Last Day
Only $6.66 Each
Choose Your Style
14 Days No Reason Return
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Q. Can false eyelashes be reused?
A. Yes. Unlike some other lashes, these can be reused without any weakness of hair nor the strip and will surely save you money on makeup in the long run!
Q. How long does it last?
A. The choice is yours. You can apply and remove daily, or wear for up to 10 days! It's all a matter of preference, lifestyle, application method, and proper care. Our lashes were designed to be virtually weightless in order to provide a damage-free experience, relieving your natural lashes from any weight and tension.
Q. How do I get my natural eyelashes to blend in with my false eyelashes?
A. A little mascara should do the trick. Once your false eyelashes are securely in place, go over your lashes with mascara to bring them all together.
Q. Will it damage my lashes?
A. Absolutely not. The system was created to protect the integrity of your natural lashes, and we are committed to maintaining their health.
Customer Reviews
My absolute favorite lashes, they’re natural looking enough toMy absolute favorite lashes, they're natural looking enough to wear every day and also glam enough to wear for a night out. They're ultra comnfortable.
Super lightweight - Ann Jenkins
By far, my favorite strip lashes! Super light weight, doesn't give that "Tired" eye feeling or the look of bags under the eye you get with some of the heavier lashes. Natural look, yet fuller and great length.
Absolutely Beautiful! - Anna Aldrete
My eyelashes were tiny, thin and barely visible -literally bald! I first ordered another brand and they were okay; after trying these, I'm hooked. They're light, beautiful and full. These are so much natural looking, beautiful and easy to apply.
From Skeptic to Obsessed Enthusiast! - Misty Elliot
These lashes stick better and are easier to apply than any other lashes I've ever tried. am ecstatic! No more messy glue going everywhere but where you want it to! They hold tighter than other self- glued types and are reusable much more easily.
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100% Risk-Free Guarantee